Attend a virtual self-management workshop

IMPORTANT – Following recent recommendations from the Government of Quebec, our workshops at Revivre are paused until further public health guidelines notice. However, our self-management workshops are currently offered virtually.

To participate in a virtual workshop, access to internet is required from a personal computer, laptop or tablet. Both microphone and camera are mandatory to take part in the discussions.

Start your registration process with a pre-registration phone call:

What is an anxiety disorder ?

Due to public health guidelines, Revivre’s self-management workshops are offered virtually by videoconference. Our workshops will resume at Revivre, when the situation will permit, in our office located at 418 Sherbrooke Street East, Suite 300, Montreal.

Anxiety (10 weeks)

  • This self-management workshop aims to support people who live with an anxiety disorder. To learn more about this workshop, click here.

Do you need help choosing a workshop? Contact our team at 1-866-REVIVRE (738-4873).

Registration period

 Registration’s day
Starting Monday, November 23rd, 2020

Registration process

  1. Click on SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT to begin the first step of your registration.
  2. Select and complete the “Self-Management Workshop Registration” form. You will have the option to make one or two choices of workshops and/or time slots. Submit the form. An confirmation email will shortly be sent to you.
  3. In the following days, our team will contact you to set up a phone call for an appointment with one of our mental health counsellors.
  4. The phone call will last about 20 to 30 minutes. This appointment will confirm that the workshop meets your needs. To conclude, the mental health counsellor will confirm your registration and ask you to pay your registration fee.

Regular rate

Self-Management Worshop Regular Rate Revivre’s Membership* Total
Anxiety (10 weeks) $407  $40 $447
* Individual Revivre’s membership is required. If you are already a member, this fee is not applicable. To learn more about the benefits of being a member at Revivre, click here.

Reduced rate for low-income individuals

A limited number of discounted seats are available:

Self-Management Worshop Regular Rate Revivre’s Membership* Total
For low-income individuals who benefit from social assistance $10  $40 $50
For low-income individuals who do not benefit from social assistance $110  $40 $150
* Individual Revivre’s membership is required. If you are already a member, this fee is not applicable. To learn more about the benefits of being a member at Revivre, click here.

The allocation of reduced-rate seats is based on the following income criteria and the chronological order in which applications are received:

Eligibility requirements (view the PDF document)

  1. The candidate must not have been given a reduced-rate seat during a previous workshop session in order to give other people the opportunity to have equal access to our services.
  2. The candidate must have an annual income of $25,000 or less before taxes. This should be an individual income and not joint income if the applicant’s marital status is married or common-law partner.
  3. The applicant must provide proof of their inability to pay the full participation fee.

About our Accessibility Program

Revivre wants to make all self-management workshops accessible to as many people as possible. That is why, we have set up a program of private donations to individuals and businesses, like Janssen Inc.. This program offers a reduced rate to people in difficult financial circumstances who can not afford to pay their full participation fee. To donate to this program, click here.

Terms of payment, cancellation and refund

  • No applicable sales taxes.
  • Fees are payable before the start of the workshop, by credit card, bank transfer, check or cash. Payment details are taken during your phone call appointment prior to registration.
  • More information about Registration cancellation and refund policy 

How many participants are in each group?

Our self-management workshops are offered in groups of 10 to 15 people with two mental health counsellors.

Why do I need to pay to attend a workshop?

Our self-management workshops are fully self-funded as we do not receive external financial assistance to offer this service. However, private donations from individuals and companies allow us to offer a limited number of seats at a reduced rate.

Does a low-income individual guaranteed to receive a reduced-rate seat?

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee as the number of discounted seats is limited. The allocation of seats shall be in chronological order of « first-come, first-served » basis for registration and taking into account the eligibility requirements. Rest assured that we are doing our best to make our workshops as accessible as possible.

To find out what services we currently offer remotely, click here.